The Long-Term Disability (LTD) group benefit plan is funded by the Legislative Assembly and administered by Canada Life Assurance Company. It provides a Member with regular income to replace income lost because of a lengthy disability due to illness or injury. 

Waiting Period 

A minimum of 6 months after becoming disabled, unless the disability begins within the last 6 months of a Parliament, in which case the benefits will begin on the date of the election for the next Parliament. 

Benefit Amount 

70% of monthly basic compensation plus 25% of monthly additional salary. Because the Legislative Assembly funds the cost of LTD coverage, the benefit is taxable. 

Commencement of Coverage 

You are eligible to participate in the plan on the date you are elected as a Member. A Member must be actively at work when coverage takes effect, otherwise the coverage (or any benefit increases) will not be effective until a Member returns to work. 

Termination of Coverage 

Coverage ends on the termination of a Member’s time in office, at the end of the month when reaching age 65, upon death, or when the policy terminates, whichever is earliest. 

Payment of LTD Benefits 

LTD benefits are payable for the first 25 months following the waiting period if illness or injury prevents a Member from performing their duties. After 25 months, benefits will continue only if the disability prevents the Member from being gainfully employed in any job. Gainful employment is work that a former Member is medically able to perform, for which they have at least the minimum qualifications and provides a rate of pay that is not less than 75% of the current basic compensation, plus 25% of any current additional salary. 

For information on how to make a claim, or inquiries about the limitations and specifications related to these additional benefits, please contact Payroll Services at, or 250-387-5532