The Members’ Conflict of Interest Act provides the statutory framework for standards of official conduct for Members of the Legislative Assembly.  

The Conflict of Interest Commissioner, an independent officer of the Legislative Assembly, is responsible for assisting Members to fulfill their obligations under the Act, including advising Members of their obligations, meeting with each Member to review financial disclosure statements and general obligations, providing confidential opinions to Members with respect to compliance, and investigating allegations of non-compliance.  

Every Member is required to file confidential financial disclosure statement with the Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner within 60 days of being sworn in and annually thereafter. Members must also inform the Commissioner of any material changes to their financial interests by filing a notice of material change within 30 days of the change, and report gifts over $250 immediately. The Commissioner prepares a public disclosure statement for each Member, which reports most of the information in the Member’s confidential disclosure statement except information such as home address, and the public disclosure statement is filed with the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly. The statements, along with any notices of material change, are posted on the Legislative Assembly website 

For more information on Members’ obligations and the disclosure process, as well as resources on common topics such as accepting and disclosing gifts, please visit the Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner’s website or contact the office at 250-356-0750 or