Legislative Assembly departments and staff provide professional non-partisan services to support the democratic institution of Parliament and its Members through procedural advice, administrative support, and information services.

Each department has their own internal page on the Dome intranet that contains detailed information and updates about services.

As the Legislative Assembly’s most senior official, the Speaker serves as the impartial presiding officer. The provincial Constitution Act provides for the election of the Speaker, and describes certain other duties and roles of the position.

The Speaker fulfils procedural and administrative responsibilities related to the Legislative Assembly. In the Legislative Assembly, the Speaker presides over debates, maintains order, and ensures that Members abide by the Standing Orders which govern conduct and procedures in the House. The Speaker chairs the Legislative Assembly Management Committee, the statutory all-party committee that reviews and approves operating policy for the Legislative Assembly and governs the Assembly’s financial affairs, including the review and approval of Vote 1.

As the head of the legislative branch of government, the Speaker also represents the Legislative Assembly in all relations with external organizations and individuals, and serves as the President of the British Columbia Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. The Office of the Speaker coordinates protocol duties required of the Speaker and/or Members for visiting delegations, official visitors and consular representatives from other jurisdictions, and provides support to the Speaker in the fulfillment of these duties. The Office also assists Members with a wide range of issues and concerns.

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General Inquiries

The Clerk of the Legislative Assembly is the chief permanent officer of the Legislative Assembly who reports to the Speaker and the Legislative Assembly Management Committee. The Clerk provides non-partisan procedural advice to the Speaker and all Members of the House and may be consulted at any time regarding procedural and House matters. The Clerk also administers the Oath of Allegiance to duly elected Members and presides over the election of the Speaker.  

The Office of the Clerk maintains the records of all parliamentary proceedings and oversees the preparation of the Orders of the Day and Votes and Proceedings as well as the Journals of the Legislative Assembly, which is the official record of proceedings and decisions. The Office also assists with protocol arrangements for legislative functions and ceremonies, and parliamentary visits.  

The Clerk is responsible for management and administrative services within the Assembly and serves as Clerk to the Legislative Assembly Management Committee (LAMC). In this capacity, the Office of the Clerk is responsible for arranging LAMC meetings, preparing and distributing agendas and supporting materials, and preparing and distributing minutes and responding to inquiries by the Committee and others. 

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Kate Ryan-Lloyd, Clerk of the Legislative Assembly

The Clerk is supported by the Clerk’s Leadership Group (the executive team), which consists of the Chief Human Resources Officer, the Chief Information Officer, the Clerk Assistant, Parliamentary Services, the Executive Financial Officer, and the Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel.

Chief Human Resources Officer

The Chief Human Resources Officer serves as a key strategic advisor within the Legislative Assembly Administration and as the senior human resources leader, providing innovating and strategic human resources support to Legislative Assembly management and staff. The Chief Human Resources Officer also oversees outsourced human resources services and training to Members of the Legislative Assembly in support of the operations of constituency offices, caucuses, and legislative offices.  

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Daisy Jassar, Chief Human Resources Officer

Chief Information Officer

The Chief Information Officer provides vision and leadership for developing and implementing information technology and information management solutions and initiatives that manage the Legislative Assembly’s digital information infrastructure, governance, and assets that support the Assembly’s ability to achieve its goals. The Chief Information Officer oversees the Information Technology Department, Hansard Services, and the Legislative Library.  

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Andrew Spence, Chief Information Officer

Clerk Assistant, Parliamentary Services

The Clerk Assistant, Parliamentary Services is responsible for overseeing the provision of core parliamentary services and procedural supports to Members of the Legislative Assembly. The Clerk Assistant oversees Client Services, the Parliamentary Committees Office, the Parliamentary Education Office, and key functions within the Office of the Clerk, including parliamentary documents, election readiness and transition supports for Members, and governance and corporate support. The Clerk Assistant, Parliamentary Services also serves as a senior Table Officer. 

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Artour Sogomonian, Clerk Assistant, Parliamentary Services 

Executive Financial Officer

The Executive Financial Officer oversees the Financial Services and the Precinct Services departments. The Executive Financial Officer provides authoritative advice, guidance and mentorship on key financial management, capital development and related organizational issues to the Legislative Assembly’s governance bodies, the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly, the Clerk’s Leadership Group, and departmental leadership. In this senior strategic advisory role, the Executive Financial Officer guides short, medium, and long-term financial and related risk management/mitigation decisions and leads the creation of innovative and proactive fiscal and capital planning approaches.

Contact Information 

Kathy Humphrey, Executive Financial Officer 

Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel

The Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel is responsible for providing legal and procedural advice and services to the Speaker and other Presiding Officers, Members, parliamentary committees, the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Assembly departments. The Law Clerk is also a senior Table Officer. 

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S. Suzie Seo, Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel

​​​​​​​Client Services was established as a new department of the Legislative Assembly Administration in January 2023. Expected to be fully operational by February 2024, the department is driving a renewed philosophy and posture of service delivery within the Administration to key client groups: Members of the Legislative Assembly, caucus staff, and constituency office staff. The department will stand up a single window service delivery model supported by a Client Care Team. Client Services will also manage the leasing portfolio.

Contact Information 

Christine Fedoruk, Director, Client Services

Financial Services is responsible for providing financial management and administrative support to the Members of the Legislative Assembly, Assembly departments, caucuses, and constituency offices. Financial Services processes Members’ travel claims, administers and pays Members’ allowances, and processes and pays invoices and other expenses. Financial Services also performs full-service accounting for the Assembly and constituency offices, communicates and advises on financial policies and procedures, and prepares internal and external financial reporting, including the quarterly public disclosure of Member’s compensation and travel and constituency office expenses.  

Financial Services supports constituency offices and their staff with respect to office leases and office insurance. The Branch also assesses and provides guidance on controls and processes, and manages the Assembly’s budget preparation.  

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General Inquiries

Kristin Tryon, Acting Director, Financial Services 

Hansard Services publishes official reports and broadcasts of Legislative Assembly and parliamentary committee proceedings, including providing live television coverage and webcast services for all proceedings, and producing comprehensive, easily accessible indexes to all published Hansard materials.  

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General Inquiries 

D’Arcy McPherson, Director, Hansard Services 

Marionne Cronin, Manager, Reporting Services 

Andrew Henry, Manager, Broadcasting Services 

Dan Kerr, Manager, Publishing Systems

The Human Resource Operations department is responsible for human resource advisory services, recruitment and staffing, and employee safety, health and wellness. The department also administers payroll and benefits services, including providing payroll related services and advice to Members, their constituency staff, caucus staff, and Assembly staff as well as processing, monitoring, and reporting of the Legislative Assembly’s payroll, leave, benefits, and pension transactions in compliance with all laws and legislation.  

Contact Information 

General Inquiries - Payroll

Kelli Van Leeuwen, Director, Human Resource Operations 

Klaudia Fetcas, Manager, Payroll and Benefits

The Information Technology Department (ITD) is responsible for providing technology and support services to Members, their legislative and constituency offices, and Assembly staff. This includes supports for computer and hardware, network, wireless, voice, and data communications matters. Members and staff with specific technology-related projects can also contact ITD for assistance if required. It also includes projects such as identifying and installing software and hardware. 

ITD Service Desk  

Staff from the ITD Service Desk are available to assist with problems related to computer hardware and software as well as network issues. The Service Desk can be contacted by phone or email and ITD staff have tools available to remotely access computers to speed the resolution of problems. On-site assistance is available 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, and until adjournment on sitting days.  

Contact Information 

ITD Service Desk 

Brent Lee, Director, Information Technology 

The Legislative Library provides confidential, non-partisan information and research services to Members and their staff, including Constituency Assistants. Every year, librarians answer thousands of questions from Members and their caucus, and constituency staff about legislation, government programs, current events, policy issues, local history, demographics, financial information, and more. Reference librarians are trained professionals who provide fast, confidential, and authoritative information on any topic. The Legislative Library also provides archival records storage services.  

The Library is open 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, or until adjournment. Requests for Library services can be made in person or by contacting the Library Reference Desk at 250-387-6510 or library@leg.bc.ca. 

Contact Information 

Library Reference Desk 

Peter Gourlay, Director, Legislative Library

Erika Luebbe, Manager, Reference Services

Charles Hogg, Manager, Technical Services and Systems

The Parliamentary Committees Office provides non-partisan procedural advice and research services, and administrative and operational support to parliamentary committees appointed by the Legislative Assembly. The Office also provides procedural, operational, communications and research services to the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly, the Speaker, other Presiding Officers and Members of the Legislative Assembly.  

Each parliamentary committee is assigned a Clerk who is the committee’s principal coordinator and adviser regarding parliamentary procedure, committee operations, and public consultation practices. Each parliamentary committee is assisted by research staff who prepare any necessary backgrounders, briefing notes, and summaries of evidence for inquiries, as well as administrative staff who facilitate committee operations and logistics such as meeting bookings and travel arrangements.   

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General Inquiries

Jennifer Arril, Clerk of Committees 

Karan Riarh, Committee Clerk

The Parliamentary Education Office provides Members, constituency offices, students, educators and the public with parliamentary education and outreach services and resources. The Office manages the public tours program and education programs, and operates the Parliamentary Gift Shop located near the main exit of the Parliament Buildings.  

The Office also manages the B.C. Legislative Internship Program, the B.C. Teachers’ Institute on Parliamentary Democracy, and special one-day events for visiting post-secondary classes. Members may be invited to present and participate in these educational programs. The Office also informs Members when their constituents are selected to participate in the B.C. Legislative Internship Program and the B.C. Teachers’ Institute on Parliamentary Democracy.   

Contact Information 

General Inquiries 

Karen Aitken, Director, Parliamentary Education Office 

Parliamentary Tours 

Educational Resource Orders  

Precinct Services consolidates Capital Planning and Development, Legislative Facility Services, the Parliamentary Dining Room, and Procurement for the Legislative Assembly Administration, supporting a centralized approach to coordinating these areas.

Contact Information  

Jesse Szczepanowski, Director, Precinct Services

Capital Planning and Development

Capital Planning and Development oversees the planning and execution of capital facility projects in support of the Legislative Assembly’s long-term capital plan and related planning and work. The department also provides oversight, training and support to Assembly departments in procurement, contract management and business continuity. 

Contact Information  

Darren Sopher, Acting Manager, Capital Planning and Development

Legislative Facility Services

Legislative Facility Services is responsible for property management, including all building and grounds maintenance, repairs, improvements, and cleaning duties. Facility Services also assist building occupants with a wide range of services, such as office moves and maintenance. 

Contact Information  

Surjit Dhanota, Legislative Facility Manager

Parliamentary Dining Room

The Parliamentary Dining Room services Members, staff and the public. It is open weekdays for breakfast and lunch; on sitting days, it remains open until adjournment.  

Contact Information 

Karen Young, Manager, Parliamentary Dining Room  

The Sergeant-at-Arms is a permanent officer of the House, responsible for the security of the Parliament Buildings and Legislative Precinct to ensure the House, its committees, and Members are able to conduct their business without disturbance or interruption. The Sergeant-at-Arms has a ceremonial role as well, which includes carrying the mace in and out of the Chamber during daily sittings, and the black rod when accompanying the Lieutenant Governor. 

Legislative Assembly Protective Services

The Legislative Assembly Protective Services (LAPS) ensure the safety and security of Members, staff, and the public within the Legislative Precinct. Constituency office security, parking, card-lock access, and emergency first aid services also fall under the purview of LAPS. 

Chamber Services

The Office of the Sergeant-at-Arms supports the Sergeant-at-Arms in carrying out duties pertaining to the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly. This includes custody of the Chamber and its furnishings, custody of bills prior to introduction, the distribution of legislative documents, and providing Chamber attendants and gallery staff during House sittings. 

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General Inquiries

Ray Robitaille, Sergeant-at-Arms