Following dissolution of a parliament, Members are asked to undertake the steps noted below as soon as possible. Additional detail is available in the Members Seeking Re-Election and Members Not Seeking Re-Election sections. 

At the dissolution of the Legislative Assembly: 

  • All Members provide working termination notice to their staff. 
  • All Members provide a lease termination notice to the landlord of their constituency office (a template is available on the Constituency Office Portal). 
  • All Members’ staff determine if they will be involved in the election, and provide the appropriate letters to Payroll Services, if applicable. 
  • Members not seeking re-election provide a lease termination notice to the landlord of their Victoria accommodation, if applicable. 

During the election period (dissolution to general voting day): 

Members may no longer refer to themselves as a Member of the Legislative Assembly in advertising or any other communications. 

  • Members’ staff are on leave without pay or on vacation if participating in election activities. 
  • Facilities and assets paid for with public funds cannot be used for campaign purposes. 
  • Constituency office signage is removed or obscured, where practical. 
  • Constituency offices may continue to provide services, may operate on reduced hours, or may close, at the discretion of the Member. 
  • Constituency office expenses are limited to unavoidable costs, such as any remaining staffing costs, lease costs, and utilities. All discretionary constituency office spending is suspended. 
  • Members’ travel card is suspended. 
  • In-constituency travel costs cannot be incurred. 

Members not seeking re-election: 

  • Conduct an inventory of constituency office assets and submit it to Financial Services. 
  • May survey local candidates for interest in maintaining the same constituency office space and furniture. 

Members Seeking Re-Election

Members Not Seeking Re-Election