The Members’ Legal Assistance (Indemnification) Policy was approved by the Legislative Assembly Management Committee in June 2020; click here to view the policy. This policy sets out the criteria and approval process for reimbursement or payment by the Legislative Assembly of legal fees and other costs incurred by a Member (or former Member) in relation to legal proceedings that have arisen in the discharge of the Member’s (or former Member’s) parliamentary functions. The policy is administered by the Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel.

A “legal proceeding” under the policy is a civil, criminal or administrative proceeding or investigative process. It may also include an internal investigation, review or dispute resolution processes of the Legislative Assembly if the Subcommittee on Administration and Operations of the Legislative Assembly Management Committee determines it appropriate at the outset of such a process.

Among the criteria to be eligible for financial assistance under the policy, a Member must not have initiated (or intend to initiate) a legal proceeding, the legal proceeding must concern a matter arising in the discharge of the Member’s parliamentary functions, the Member must not have conducted themselves in a dishonest or malicious manner or in bad faith, and the legal proceeding must not be in respect of a dispute with another Member (or former Member) or caucus, with the Legislative Assembly, or with officers or employees of the Legislative Assembly.

All requests are treated as confidential, subject only to the financial reporting requirements set out in this policy (without attribution to requestor or legal matter).

Members are encouraged to contact the Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel as soon as they become aware of a legal proceeding in which they are implicated:

S. Suzie Seo
Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel
Office of the Clerk
Main line (Office of the Clerk): 250-387-3785
Direct line: 250-952-0287
Room 220, Parliament Buildings