Travel Reimbursement

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Each Member is required to submit a travel claim to Financial Services for each trip taken. Members submit a claim for reimbursement using the online travel system. The online system is accessed through a web portal using an assigned user ID and password. Members will be provided with full instructions on using the online travel system once the system administrator has completed the initial set up. The system administrator will assign user privileges to the Member, the Legislative Assistant assigned to the Member and, if required, the Constituency Assistant.

Each claim is signed by the Member and sent to Financial Services for payment (except for parliamentary committee travel, which is sent to the Parliamentary Committees Office for additional sign off by the Chair and/or Clerk of the committee). Applicable receipts must be submitted with the claim form, as travel expenses may be reviewed by internal or external auditors.

Forms can be completed by the Member or a designate, although the original claim must be signed by the Member prior to submission. When the form is filled out by someone other than the Member, the form may be faxed or emailed to the Member at their constituency, where they can review the claim, sign it, and send it back to Financial Services. Alternatively, Members can access the claim online, print off a copy, sign it and send it to Financial Services.

Claims should be submitted in a timely manner to ensure accurate reporting in the quarterly public disclosures posted on the Legislative Assembly’s website. As a guideline, claims are required to be submitted for reimbursement at least once a week when the Legislative Assembly is in a sitting period, and at least once every two weeks when the Legislative Assembly is not sitting.

The online travel form requires the following information about Member travel:

Travel Claim Form Checklist

  • Member’s name and the name of any accompanying person(s).
  • Travel dates and/or dates for per diem claims.
  • Destination(s) (from/to).
  • Method of travel (air, car rental, ferry).
  • Trip details/description.
  • Details of reimbursable expenses (mileage, parking, taxi, etc.) and copies of receipts are required. Mileage expenses must include a clear description of each individual trip, including starting location and ending destination, to be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Member’s original signature (stamped signatures or original signatures on a blank form will not be accepted).
  • Name of the individual who prepared the travel claim.