Other Member-Related Services

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Members’ Travel Card

The Bank of Montreal Corporate Travel MasterCard is deactivated on the date of dissolution (for the 42nd provincial general election, September 21, 2020). Members not returning must pay off all balances and destroy their travel card.

Members’ Private Legislative Assembly Email Account

Members will continue to have access to their private Legislative Assembly email account for administrative and wind-down purposes. The Information Technology Department will arrange for closure of all Members’ private email accounts supported by the Legislative Assembly to coincide with office closure date. For the 42nd provincial general election, that date is no later than December 31, 2020.

Mobile Communication Devices and iPads

Members have the option of keeping their iPad and/or smartphone and moving the device to a personal contract. Should Members decide to keep the device and or/number but change carriers, the Member is liable for any charges related to prematurely ending the contract with the original carrier. Members must notify the Information Technology Service Desk at servicedesk@leg.bc.ca or 778-401-6323 of their intention before making any arrangements with the contract supplier.

Members wishing to return their Legislative Assembly-issued iPad and/or smartphone should return the device(s) along with their computer equipment to their constituency office. The Legislative Assembly’s external service provider will sanitize, inventory and ready equipment for shipment back to the Information Technology Department (ITD). ITD will provide instructions on resetting mobile devices and wiping data prior to drop off. Upon request, the Information Technology Service Desk (contact information above) will work with Members remotely to copy personal information (i.e., contact information, photos) to a personal cloud storage account (e.g., Apple iCloud or Google Docs). For personal information stored on PCs or Macs, ITD will assist in moving data to cloud storage or offload the data to a removable hard drive. ITD is available to provide recommendations on removable drives; however, the Member is responsible for purchasing the device. Members will also have the option to transfer their mobile phone number to a personal device.

Members should ensure that any information stored on Legislative Assembly-issued devices is reviewed and deleted, consistent with the guidelines for disposing of Members’ records (see Data Management and Equipment Disposal).