Office of the Speaker

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As the Legislative Assembly’s most senior official, the Speaker serves as the impartial presiding officer. The provincial Constitution Act provides for the election of the Speaker, and describes certain other duties and roles of the position.

The Speaker fulfils procedural and administrative responsibilities related to the Legislative Assembly. In the Legislative Assembly, the Speaker presides over debates, maintains order, and ensures that Members abide by the Standing Orders which govern conduct and procedures in the House. The Speaker chairs the Legislative Assembly Management Committee, the statutory all-party committee that reviews and approves operating policy for the Legislative Assembly and governs the Assembly’s financial affairs, including the review and approval of Vote 1.

As the head of the legislative branch of government, the Speaker also represents the Legislative Assembly in all relations with external organizations and individuals, and serves as the President of the British Columbia Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. The Office of the Speaker coordinates protocol duties required of the Speaker and/or Members for visiting delegations, official visitors and consular representatives from other jurisdictions, and provides support to the Speaker in the fulfillment of these duties. The Office also assists Members with a wide range of issues and concerns.

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