Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner

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Prabhu Rajan, Police Complaint Commissioner 

The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner is the independent oversight agency that provides an accessible way for the public to voice their concerns about the conduct of any municipal/special municipal police officer or department. The Police Complaint Commissioner ensures thorough and competent investigations of police complaints and fair adjudication of police misconduct allegations with respect to both citizens and police officers alike. The Commissioner, an independent officer of the Legislature, is responsible for ensuring compliance with Part 11 – Misconduct, Complaints, Investigations, Discipline and Proceedings, of the Police Act, as well as maintaining records of all complaints and their dispositions. The Commissioner is also responsible for advising, informing and assisting all parties involved in the complaint process and provides statistical information about complaint and misconduct trends and reports regularly to the Legislative Assembly and the public.

The Commissioner can make recommendations to police boards for improvements to the manner in which they deliver their services to the public, such as recommendations for policy creation or recommendations for changes to existing policy. In addition, this office can make recommendations for improvements of the complaint process.

Contact Information 

 Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner 

 250-356-7458 or toll-free 1-877-999-8707