Office of the Clerk

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The Clerk of the Legislative Assembly is the chief permanent officer of the Legislative Assembly who reports to the Speaker and the Legislative Assembly Management Committee. The Clerk provides non-partisan procedural advice to the Speaker and all Members of the House and may be consulted at any time regarding procedural and House matters. The Clerk also administers the Oath of Allegiance to duly elected Members and presides over the election of the Speaker.

The Office of the Clerk maintains the records of all parliamentary proceedings and oversees the preparation of the Orders of the Day and Votes and Proceedings as well as the Journals of the Legislative Assembly, which is the official record of proceedings and decisions. The Office also assists with protocol arrangements for legislative functions and ceremonies, and parliamentary visits.

The Clerk is responsible for management and administrative services within the Assembly and serves as Clerk to the Legislative Assembly Management Committee (LAMC). In this capacity, the Office of the Clerk is responsible for arranging LAMC meetings, preparing and distributing agendas and supporting materials, and preparing and distributing minutes and responding to inquiries by the Committee and others.

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General Inquiries

Kate Ryan-Lloyd, Clerk of the Legislative Assembly