Members’ Staff – Pay and Benefits

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Ending Employment

Members not returning who have not previously notified their Constituency Assistants in writing that their employment will be ending must do so as soon as possible. For the 42nd provincial general election, the last day of pay must be no later than December 31, 2020. A copy of this letter must be provided to Payroll Services ( as soon as possible. It is important for Members to send copies of the appropriate letters to Payroll Services in a timely manner to ensure that pay adjustments are made prior to termination of employment. Extended health and dental benefits cease on the last day of pay, and group life insurance ceases on the last day of the month in which the final way was received.


Most Constituency Assistants will not be eligible for severance as their contracts are fixed term or their collective agreement has a layoff provision related to an election. Human Resource Operations is available to assist Members in determining the appropriate level of severance payment for their staff. All severance payments must be funded from the Member’s available constituency office allowance funds.

Payments to Staff

Members are reminded that all salary-related payments to staff must be made through Payroll Services to ensure that appropriate deductions for income tax, CPP, and employment insurance are made, and to ensure proper reporting and remitting to the Canada Revenue Agency. All payments must be funded from the Member’s available constituency office allowance funds.

Any questions related to payments to staff should be referred to Payroll Services. Information regarding potential tax implications of any payment is also available on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website by clicking here.

Post-Election Employment by Another Member

Staff of Members of the Government Caucus may be employed by another Member of that Caucus post-election, in accordance with the terms of the collective agreement. Otherwise, no guarantee of continued employment can be given to constituency office staff, as new Members will be responsible for hiring their own staff.

Key Contacts

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