Members’ Basic Compensation and Benefits

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Basic Compensation

For the purpose of basic compensation, an incumbent Member is considered to be a Member throughout the election period, up to and including the day immediately preceding general voting day (as per section 9 of the Members’ Remuneration and Pensions Act (R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 257)). For the 42nd provincial general election, a Member’s basic compensation will therefore continue until October 23, 2020, after which they move to transitional assistance.

Members’ Transitional Assistance

For all non-returning Members, the Members’ transitional assistance allowance provides the equivalent of basic compensation and benefits (excluding pension contributions and group life insurance) for up to fifteen (15) months, starting on the general voting day (for the 42nd provincial general election, October 24, 2020).

Visit the Transitional Assistance page for more information.

Members’ Pension Plan

Participation in the Members’ Pension Plan is mandatory for all Members under the age of 71. All contributions are held and administered by the B.C. Pension Corporation on behalf of Members and the Legislative Assembly.

A pre-retirement seminar will be arranged for Members shortly following the provincial general election. The dates will be communicated to Members to their private Member email account. Representatives from the Office of the Clerk, Financial Services, Human Resources, and the B.C. Pension Corporation will provide an overview of Members’ pension benefits via Zoom videoconference. In addition, Members may contact the B.C. Pension Corporation staff directly at to review their pension status and for further information on the Member’s Pension Plan and post-retirement benefits.

For more information, please see Pension Facts: Terminating employment for Members of the Legislative Assembly.

Key Contacts

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B.C. Pension Corporation

 250-953-3033 (Victoria) or toll-free 1-800-665-3554