Library Services

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Located behind the Chamber on the second floor, the Legislative Library provides information, reference and research services, to Members and their staff, including Constituency Assistants. All information requests are treated in the strictest confidence and all Library staff are non-partisan employees.

The Library is open 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, and until adjournment on sitting days. Requests for Library services can be made in person or by contacting the Library Reference Desk at 250-387-6510 or The Library catalogue and other online resources such as the BC Government Publications Search Portal and article databases are accessible via the Library website.

The Legislative Library maintains print and digital collections of current and historical material to support public policy development, and to document the work of the Legislative Assembly. The Library has a full run of the British Columbia statutes, regulations, ministry and crown agency reports, statistics, and news releases. These materials document the political, historical, economic, and cultural history of the province. The Library will purchase reading material on topics of interest to Members such as health, economics, education, political science, and parliamentary procedure. There is also a large collection of political biographies and British Columbia community histories. E-book accounts can be set up for Members by request.