In-Province Travel

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Members may undertake work-related travel throughout the province, provided the travel is reasonable and justifiable. Eligible types of travel may include trips to Victoria, travel to attend meetings inside and outside of the constituency, or travel with a parliamentary committee. In all cases, Members are issued and are strongly encouraged to use a travel card (further outlined below) for their travel and may claim reasonable and actual expenses within the parameters of Legislative Assembly policy.

Click here for a table that provides a summary of travel expenditures that are eligible for reimbursement. The Members’ Travel Expense Allowance is intended to offset the costs of travel that are not eligible for reimbursement.


A Member of the Legislative Assembly on travel status outside of their constituency (or within their constituency if the condition outlined below is met) may claim a per diem reimbursement at the following rates:

Full Day $61.00
Half Day $30.50
Breakfast Only $27.00
Lunch Only $27.00
Dinner Only $36.00
Breakfast & Lunch Only $39.50
Lunch & Dinner Only $48.50
Breakfast & Dinner Only $48.50
Incidentals Only $14.50

The per diem reimbursement is intended to cover the cost of meals and other out of pocket incidental travel expenses while a Member is away from their home or constituency over a meal period(s). A per diem reimbursement is not claimable when a Member is working in their constituency, unless they are attending a parliamentary committee meeting in their riding or if the Member travelled more than 50 kilometers in one day (excluding mileage between the Member’s home and primary constituency office).

When a Member travels for a partial day, only meals that are applicable to the portion of the day spent on travel status may be claimed. When a Member consumes a meal, which has been provided without charge or paid for from public funds, no claim for that meal may be made.

A Member may claim incidentals only when no other per diem claims are made for that day. Examples of incidental expenses include telephone calls, porterage and other gratuities.