Hansard Broadcasts and Transcripts

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Live webcasts of Legislative Assembly proceedings, including committees, are streamed live on the Legislative Broadcasting and Webcasting webpage. All meetings that are streamed live are archived and available for playback on demand approximately 15 minutes after the event concludes. Archived webcasts of the Legislative Assembly, Committee of the Whole, and Committee of Supply (Sections A, B, and C, as applicable) can be found on the Debates pages. Archived parliamentary committee webcasts are available through the Previous Committees page. For further information, including Broadcasting Guidelines, contact Hansard Broadcasting Services at 250-387-9374 or HansardTV@leg.bc.ca.

Members may request video and/or presentation copies of their speeches and debates using the Hansard Broadcasting Media Request Form. For more information, contact Hansard Services at 250-387-3681 or hansard.services@leg.bc.ca.

Specific rules regulating camera operations in the Chamber can be found within the Hansard Services Broadcasting Guidelines.

A preliminary draft transcript called the “Blues” is produced for all Assembly debates and proceedings. The Blues are produced and posted online on an ongoing basis during any given meeting, with the complete Blues typically available online approximately an hour after adjournment. Blues are further revised and edited before being published as the Official Report of Debates (House) or the Report of Proceedings (Parliamentary Committees). All final Hansard documents are published in a digitally certified, archival PDF standard and posted on the Legislative Assembly website.  

The Official Report of Debates for each sitting can be found on the Hansard Debates page, alongside HTML versions, a comprehensive index, and an archived webcast. The Report of Proceedings for committee meetings can be found on the Committee Transcripts and Audio webpage alongside information HTML versions, a comprehensive index, and an archived audio webcast.

Corrections to transcripts may be requested by contacting research.hansard@leg.bc.ca or by phoning 250-387-3681. Further information on correction requests is available within the Hansard Publications and Guidelines for Corrections by Members.