Dining Room

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The Parliamentary Dining Room (room 008) operates year-round to serve Members and their guests as well as caucus and Assembly staff, members of the press gallery, and the general public. The Dining Room is open for breakfast and lunch and remains open for dinner on Legislative Assembly sitting days. The menu, designed by an award-winning chef, features fresh B.C. ingredients when seasonally available, as well as delicious and healthy daily and weekly specials.

Each Member is assigned a customer account number so charges can be deducted from their pay. Alternatively, Members may pay in cash, by personal credit card or by debit card. A separate customer account number is assigned to each Ministry. Ministers may also designate individuals from the Minister’s office to charge on the account. A sample signature form obtained from Financial Services is required for authorization.

Dining Room hours of operation and the current menu are accessible via the Legislative Assembly Intranet. Members may make a reservation or request take-out or catering services by calling 250-387-3959. For catering inquiries, contact the Manager of the Parliamentary Dining Room, Karen Young, at karen.young@leg.bc.ca.