Data Management and Equipment Disposal

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The Information Technology Department supports Members and their staff with data management and computer equipment disposal in legislative and constituency offices.

Data Management

Prior to the disabling of Legislative Assembly network account access, Members and their staff should review the information stored in their ShareFile(s) and ensure that it is retained or disposed of in accordance with the guidelines in this Guide for disposing of Members’ records. ShareFile documents may then be deleted, transferred to another account, transferred to the archives (subject to an agreement with the Legislative Library), or stored for a specified period of time, and then deleted or transferred to the archives. To request the deletion or transfer of ShareFile data, please complete an Account Deletion Request Form available on the Constituency Office Portal.

Members may have information that is stored outside of the infrastructure maintained by the Information Technology Department. Members should ensure that any information stored with cloud services (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) is reviewed and retained or disposed of in accordance with guidelines in this Guide for disposing of Members’ records.

Data Backup and Storage

The Information Technology Department uses a combination of daily, weekly, and monthly data backups to ensure that lost data can be restored, if required. As a result, notwithstanding computer hard drive destruction and equipment disposal, email and data information for Members who are not seeking re-election and their staff will be retained on backup storage files in accordance with the Legislative Assembly’s Backup Deletion Policy.

Equipment Disposal

For Members not returning and their staff, end of life PC or Mac hard drives are removed and shredded, to destroy any data. Equipment being re-deployed will receive a low-level format of the hard drive in accordance with best practices for the destruction of data. Email and files stored on network drives are retained in accordance with the data backup policy outlined above. At the request of the Member, the email and data files of their staff can be transferred to another user if required.