Clerk’s Leadership Group

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The Clerk is supported by the Clerk’s Leadership Group (the executive team), which consists of the Chief Human Resources Officer, the Chief Information Officer, the Clerk Assistant, Parliamentary Services, the Executive Financial Officer, and the Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel.

Chief Human Resources Officer

The Chief Human Resources Officer serves as a key strategic advisor within the Legislative Assembly Administration and as the senior human resources leader, providing innovating and strategic human resources support to Legislative Assembly management and staff. The Chief Human Resources Officer also oversees outsourced human resources services and training to Members of the Legislative Assembly in support of the operations of constituency offices, caucuses, and legislative offices.

Contact Information 

Daisy Jassar, Chief Human Resources Officer   

Chief Information Officer

The Chief Information Officer provides vision and leadership for developing and implementing information technology and information management solutions and initiatives that manage the Legislative Assembly’s digital information infrastructure, governance, and assets that support the Assembly’s ability to achieve its goals. The Chief Information Officer oversees the Digital Information Office, the Information Technology Department, Hansard Services, and the Legislative Library.

Andrew Spence, Chief Information Officer   

Clerk Assistant, Parliamentary Services

The Clerk Assistant, Parliamentary Services is responsible for overseeing the provision of core parliamentary services and procedural supports to Members of the Legislative Assembly. The Clerk Assistant oversees the Parliamentary Committees Office, the Parliamentary Education Office, and key functions within the Office of the Clerk, including House documents, the Legislative Assembly’s policy suite, and transition and orientation supports for Members. The Clerk Assistant, Parliamentary Services also serves as a senior Table Officer.

Contact Information 

Artour Sogomonian, Clerk Assistant, Parliamentary Services

Executive Financial Officer

The Executive Financial Officer provides strategic leadership and operational support services of the Legislative Assembly’s financial operations, capital operations, facilities management, procurement, asset management, enterprise risk management, and business continuity planning. The Executive Financial Officer also provides financial and administrative supports to the Legislative Assembly Management Committee, including its Subcommittee on Finance and Audit, and Subcommittee on Administration and Operations. The Executive Financial Officer oversees departmental operations for Financial Services and Precinct Services.

Contact Information 

Hilary Woodward, Executive Financial Officer 

Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel

The Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel is responsible for providing legal and procedural advice and services to the Speaker and other Presiding Officers, Members, parliamentary committees, the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Assembly departments. The Law Clerk is also a senior Table Officer.

Contact Information 

S. Suzie Seo, Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel