Documents and Proceedings

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The Legislative Assembly website is a comprehensive source for House records, transcripts and webcasts of proceedings, and legislative resources. This section describes key documents and proceedings, including related links.

Orders of the Day

Orders of the Day is the daily agenda for House activities. Available daily in print and on the Legislative Assembly website during sittings, Orders of the Day provides an overview of the status of business before the Assembly.

Votes and Proceedings

Votes and Proceedings is the official summary of the proceedings of the Assembly. Similar to minutes, Votes and Proceedings includes a listing of all bills and motions introduced, documents tabled, decisions of the House, and vote results. Votes and Proceedings is made available in print and online the morning following a sitting.

At the end of a session, Votes and Proceedings is compiled into the Journals, the formal and permanent record of House proceedings.

Transcripts and Webcasts (Hansard)

Hansard is the official report of the debates of the Legislative Assembly. Transcripts of what is said in the House and in committees are available in draft form (the Blues) during a sitting or meeting and finalized after adjournment. Copies are available in print and on the Hansard website.

House proceedings are televised live and streamed over the Internet. An audio webstream of committee proceedings is also provided.


Full text of First Reading, amended, and Third Reading bills are available on the Legislative Assembly website. There you can find information on:

  • Progress of bills: lists the status of bills before the House
  • List of bills with Hansard debates: contains links to stage-by-stage debates on Bills
  • Bills from previous sessions: lists bills introduced in previous sessions, including dates of passage

Statutes and Regulations

Consolidated versions of BC statutes and regulations are searchable on the BC Laws website. Information is updated continually as new and amended laws come into force.
The BC Laws website also contains information on:

  • Provisions in Force: lists all statutes enacted, amended, or repealed for a particular session
  • BC Regulations Bulletins: contains summaries of regulations by statute
  • Order in Council and Ministerial Order Resumes: lists government decisions implemented by Orders in Council, including reports of the decisions, listed chronologically by year

Related links

Act/Ministry Responsibilities

Lists statutes and the minister responsible both alphabetically and by ministry. In most cases an entire act is assigned to one minister, but in some cases the responsibility is shared.

Summary of Ministry Responsibilities

Lists the general responsibilities of each ministry, along with major agencies, boards and commissions.

Last Updated: September 30, 2019