Members Re-Elected

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Information regarding the continuation of salary, benefits and allowances for Members returning to serve a new term with the Legislative Assembly are included in this section. Details about the ongoing operations for a Member’s constituency and legislative offices following the election period are also included in this section.

Constituency Office

Re-elected Members are strongly encouraged to renew their constituency office lease in their current location to minimize transition costs.

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Members’ Basic Compensation and Benefits

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Basic Compensation

Basic compensation will continue for re-elected Members without interruption.

Additional Allowances

Members holding any of a number of additional responsibilities are provided an allowance in addition to their basic compensation. Amounts paid with respect to these additional responsibilities are available in the Salaries Allowances section. If a Member holds two or more positions for which an additional allowance is provided, the Member will receive only the higher amount.

As illustrated in the table below, the effective date for compensation is dependent upon the position for which an additional allowance is provided:

Compensation continues uninterrupted until a new Executive Council is appointed by Order-in-Council Compensation continues uninterrupted until a new Speaker is elected by the Legislative Assembly Compensation begins on the date the resolution is passed by the Legislative Assembly or by a Parliamentary Committee Compensation begins on the effective date of appointment
Premier Speaker Deputy Speaker Parliamentary Secretary
Minister   Assistant Deputy Speaker Government House Leader*
Minister of State   Deputy Chair, Committee of the Whole Government Whip
    Chair, Select Standing or Special Committee Deputy Government Whip
    Deputy Chair, Select Standing or Special Committee Government Caucus Chair
      Leader of the Official Opposition
      Official Opposition House Leader
      Official Opposition Whip
      Official Opposition Deputy Whip
      Official Opposition Caucus Chair
* Government House Leader (if not a Member of Executive Council)


Deductions for benefit plans previously chosen by Members will continue.

Constituency Office

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The expectation is that re-elected Members will attempt to renew their lease at the current location in order to minimize transition costs (leasehold improvements, office moving and set up costs, IT installations). Re-elected Members may rescind their notice of termination and negotiate renewal of the lease.

To assist Members with lease negotiations, the Legislative Assembly has an agreement in place with Shared Services BC to provide the services of a Leasing Consultant. All lease renewals must be reviewed by the Leasing Consultant, and by Financial Services. Further details on the services offered will be made available to Members immediately following the election.

Constituency Assistants

Termination notices issued to constituency assistants by returning Members prior to the election period must be rescinded for all returning staff.

Constituency Office Funding

Start-up Funding

After a general election, start-up funding is provided to returning Members to cover costs associated with setting up a consistency office. It is intended to cover the cost of office supplies, and small items such as lamps and garbage cans, art work, and plants not included in the inventory of office furniture and equipment. Each Member will receive $1,000, and this funding will be deposited into the constituency office account.

Returning Members with an uninterrupted term of service in excess of three parliaments will receive a furnishings and equipment replenishment allowance of $4,000. Any unspent portion of the allowance carries forward and is available for future use.

Constituency Office Allowance

The constituency office allowance will continue for re-elected Members without interruption.

In-Constituency Travel Allowance – Constituency Assistants

In-constituency travel allowances for constituency assistants are paid on a pro-rated basis, excluding the election period.

Constituency Office Bank Account

All re-elected Members are requested to provide Financial Services with a copy of their May 2017 bank statement for their constituency office bank account no later than June 30, 2017. Any surplus funding in the constituency office bank account does not need to be returned to the Legislative Assembly for re-elected Members.

Contact information

Executive Financial Officer
Hilary Woodward

(250) 356-6590

Legislative Office

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Re-elected Members may be assigned a different legislative office within the Parliament Buildings and be required to move.

Office space may be reassigned based on party standing after the provincial general election.

Any questions or concerns regarding legislative offices should be directed to the Office of the Sergeant-at-Arms.

Members' Allowances and Expenses

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Members’ Travel

Re-elected Members are able to claim reimbursement for travel beginning on May 9, 2017.

Capital City living Allowance

The Capital City Living Allowance will continue for re-elected Members without interruption.

In-Constituency Travel Allowance

The allowance will be prorated and paid to re-elected Members for the April 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017 period, excluding the election period of April 11, 2017 to May 9, 2017.

Out of Constituency Travel

Members will not be reimbursed for Member related travel costs incurred effective the date the writ is issued. Members who are re-elected will be reimbursed for Member related travel occurring on or after May 10, 2017, however, reimbursement will not be issued until after the Member is sworn in.

Other Member Related Services

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Members’ Travel Card

The Bank of Montreal Corporate Travel MasterCard will be re-activated on May 10, 2017.

Members re-elected who use a personal mobile communication device (or other device not provided through the Legislative Assembly corporate account) for Legislative Assembly business may submit the associated bills for reimbursement for charges incurred after general voting day.

Last Updated: May 11, 2017