Public Disclosure

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The Legislative Assembly is committed to accountability and transparency through the quarterly disclosure of information on Members' compensation, travel expenses, and constituency office expenses. The Legislative Assembly Management Committee (LAMC) has approved the followed initiatives for public disclosure.

Members' Compensation Disclosure

Since October 2013, quarterly information regarding the basic compensation, and additional salaries of individual Members, including Cabinet Ministers, has been disclosed publicly on the Legislative Assembly website.

Travel Expense Disclosure

Quarterly information on Members' travel expenses is also disclosed publicly on the Legislative Assembly website. This disclosure fulfils a commitment made by the Legislative Assembly Management Committee (LAMC) in 2012. It provides details of a Member's travel costs that have been processed and paid by the Assembly in the reporting period. The disclosure does not include travel costs where the travel expense claim has not been submitted for processing, or where the travel claim is in the process of being paid. Travel costs may not include all credits or reimbursements resulting from travel that is cancelled or subsidized by third party entities due to timing differences.

In 2015, quarterly reports were expanded to include supporting receipts for Members' travel expenses. The travel expenses for Members of the Executive Council are included in the report, and detailed amounts and related receipts are disclosed on the Province of British Columbia website at Occasionally, however, Members of the Executive Council may need to submit travel expense claims (e.g. for Accompanying Person travel) to the Legislative Assembly and in these cases redacted receipts will be included with the disclosure reports.

The quarterly disclosure report contains totals by Member for the following expense categories: Capital City Living Allowance, In-Constituency Travel, General Travel, Accompanying Person Travel, Speaker Approved Travel and Out of Province/Country Travel (Ministerial).

Summary reports of parliamentary committees Members' travel expenses are also released quarterly.

Constituency Office Expense Disclosure

In 2014, the Assembly’s quarterly public disclosure was expanded to include constituency office expense information. The initial posting on the Assembly website was for the three month period January 1 to March 31, 2014. Since 2015, supporting receipts have been included along with the regular quarterly reports.

The quarterly constituency office reports disclose expenses paid during the reporting period in the following expense categories: Office Administration, Special Events and Protocol, Communications and Advertising, Office Supplies, Travel, and Other Office Expenses.  The report does not include centralized expenses, for example lease and internet costs, which are paid directly by the Legislative Assembly.

Members' Disclosure: Public Accounts

Members' compensation and travel expenses, including expenses relating to the Capital City Living Allowance, are also disclosed on an annual basis in the Public Accounts of British Columbia.

Members' Remuneration
and Pensions Act

MLA compensation, salaries, and pensions are defined under the Members' Remuneration and Pensions Act. The Act was amended in 2007 to incorporate the recommendations of the Independent Commission to Review MLA Compensation.

Members' Remuneration and Pensions Act

Last Updated: May 11, 2017