Pursuant to the Members’ Remuneration and Pensions Act, each Member of the Legislative Assembly receives basic compensation, with an additional salary if they hold a ministerial or parliamentary position. Information on Members’ compensation is reported publicly on the Legislative Assembly website and annually in the provincial Public Accounts.

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For more information related to salaries and allowances, contact Payroll Services at 250-387-5532 or payrolloffice@leg.bc.ca.

Basic compensation for a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) is established under the Members’ Remuneration and Pensions Act. Since April 1, 2024, the annual basic compensation each Member receives is $119,532.72. The 2007 Report of the Independent Commission to Review MLA Compensation included the recommendation that Members’ basic compensation be increased April 1 of each year in accordance with the BC Consumer Price Index.

Basic compensation is payable from election day until the day before the next election. It is processed by Payroll Services and paid bi-weekly by direct deposit to a Member’s bank account.

The current gross bi-weekly amount is $4,584.82. Compulsory deductions are made for the Canada Pension Plan and income tax (either the standard tax-table amount or any specified amount on the TD1 tax form, to be completed by each Member). Members cannot pay into, or receive benefits from, the federal Employment Insurance program.

Depending on the benefit plans chosen by each Member, deductions will also be made for the related plan premiums and/or the tax amount related to the value of the taxable benefit received, where the premiums are partly or fully paid by the Province.

Members are required to complete the following forms upon election, and/or following any changes to his or her personal situation that would require the forms to be updated. For more information, please contact Payroll Services:

  • Personal Tax Credits Return TD1 (Federal and Provincial)
  • Direct Deposit Authorization
  • Emergency Contact Form
  • Group Life Beneficiary Designation Form
  • Pension Plan Member Record

Additional Benefit Forms are also available on the Constituency Office Portal, or by contacting the Payroll Services:

  • Application for Optional Life Insurance Form
  • Application for Optional AD&D Form
  • Beneficiary Designation – Canada Life
  • Enrolment / Change / Termination Form for Extended Health Care and Dental Plan Form
  • Evidence of Insurability Form
  • Optional Family Funeral Benefit Form

Members who hold ministerial or parliamentary office receive an additional salary that corresponds to a percentage of their basic compensation. If a Member holds two or more positions for which an additional salary is granted, the Member will receive only the higher amount.

Click here for an outline of the amount paid with respect to service in any of the listed positions. The amount is paid in addition to the basic compensation on the bi-weekly payroll and is fully taxable.

The additional salary paid to a Member elected as Chair or Deputy Chair of a Select Standing or Special Committee is included in a Member’s bi-weekly pay cheque. Payment will be made from the date the resolutions electing the Chair and Deputy Chair are passed by the Committee until the last day of the bi-weekly pay period in which prorogation of the session occurs.

All Members whose home base is outside the Capital Regional District (CRD) are expected to have accommodation in the Victoria area so they may attend sessions of the Legislature, participate in the work of assigned parliamentary committees, and undertake other MLA duties, as required. The Capital City Living Allowance provides funds for a Member living outside the CRD to have a second temporary accommodation while serving as an MLA.

Members are required to complete a Capital City Living Allowance form to receive the Capital City Living Allowance. There are several options available to Members for the Capital City Living Allowance, depending upon whether they decide to rent accommodation, to purchase a second residence, or to stay in commercial hotel accommodation for those days they must be in Victoria. The Capital City Living Allowance option chosen by a Member is effective until the Member’s living arrangements change, at which time the Member will submit a new form to change their option.

Option 1: Rental

A Member whose principal residence is outside the CRD and who rents a second residence within the CRD to fulfill his or her duties as a Member may seek reimbursement to a maximum of $25,325 per fiscal year effective April 1, 2024 for:

  • Rent;
  • Utilities;
  • Basic telephone, cable and internet service;
  • Furniture rental (maximum of $175 per month, or $2,100 per fiscal year);
  • Apartment content insurance; and,
  • Parking.

A Member may authorize Financial Services to pay rent directly to the landlord. All other expenses will be reimbursed upon presentation of receipts.

To be eligible for reimbursement, the rental arrangement must be with an arm’s length person and as such the Capital City Living Allowance form includes a signed arm’s-length declaration. An arm’s-length relationship or agreement is defined as a transaction between persons in which each acts in their own self-interest. Arm’s-length individuals are, generally, persons who are not related to a Member and who are not involved in other business with the Member. Members are not considered to have an arm’s-length relationship with: individuals connected by blood relationship, marriage or adoption (legal or in fact); former business associates; staff of caucus; political party members; donors to the political party (though they may not be party members); or any other persons the Legislative Assembly Management Committee may designate from time to time.

Option 2: Ownership

A Member whose principal residence is outside the CRD, and who owns a second residence within the CRD to fulfil his or her duties as a Member, may seek reimbursement to a maximum of $25,325 per fiscal year effective April 1, 2024 for:

  • Furniture rental (maximum of $175 per month, or $2,100 per fiscal year);
  • Insurance;
  • Parking;
  • Utilities;
  • Property taxes;
  • Strata fees, if any; and,
  • Basic telephone, cable and internet service.

Members may authorize Financial Services to pay expenses directly to a property manager or strata council. All other expenses will be reimbursed upon the presentation of receipts.

Option 3: Hotel

Members who choose this option will be reimbursed to a maximum of $22,288 per fiscal year effective April 1, 2024 for hotel expenses, including parking and internet services, upon presentation of receipts. The costs to Members of staying in a hotel in the CRD for the purposes of attending a parliamentary committee meeting are not counted against the maximum.

Grandfathered Options

Prior to January 1, 2019, Members had the option of choosing a flat rate $1,000 per month amount to a maximum of $12,000 per fiscal year. Effective January 1, 2019, this option was eliminated. Those Members who were on that option at the time have the choice of staying on that option for the duration of their uninterrupted terms of Parliament or switching to one of the other options. No supporting documentation is required under this option; however, no further reimbursements may be claimed by Members who continue with this option. This grandfathered option is treated as income for tax purposes, with deductions held at source.

In order to switch options mid fiscal year (April 1-March 31), Members must submit the CCLA option form and supporting documents before the end of the month prior to when the change will take effect. All allowances are pro-rated based on the amount of months the option is chosen for in that fiscal year. If a Member is newly elected mid-month, the amount for that single month will be pro-rated by day.

Example: If the member switches from Rent with Receipts (RWR) to Hotel with Receipts (HWR) in February, then the member is entitled to ten months of reimbursement for RWR and two months of reimbursement for HWR.

RWR: $22,000.00/12 = $1,833.33 per month. $1,833.33 x 10 months = $18,333.33

HWR: $19,360.00/12 = $1,613.33 per month. $1,613.33 x 2 = $3226.66

Maximum allowable allowance for the fiscal year: $18,333.33 + $3,226.66 = $21,559.99


If Members exceed the maximum allowable allowance for the fiscal year they are required to pay the Legislative Assembly the overages. An invoice is issued by Financial Services with a breakdown of allowances and payments.

An MLA may claim up to $61 per day either when in Victoria or when travelling throughout the province on work-related trips. The per diem reimbursement is intended to cover the cost of meals and incidental expenses while a Member is away from their home or constituency. A per diem is not claimable when a Member is working in their constituency, except when attending a parliamentary committee meeting in their riding or if the Member travelled more than 50 kilometers in one day (excluding mileage between the Member’s home and constituency office).

Further details are available in the section on Travel Guidelines.

As required by the Members’ Remuneration and Pensions Act, Members must maintain a record of their attendance at House sittings and prepare a declaration outlining the reason for any absences. This declaration must be submitted to the Clerk of the House between the 1st and 15th day of January and July each calendar year. Any absence in excess of those permitted under the Act will be deducted by Payroll Services at the rate of $300 per day from the Members basic compensation upon receipt of instructions from the Clerk.

In the unfortunate event that a Member passes away while holding office, basic compensation will be paid until the end of the month in which the Member dies. Final payments will be made to the Members estate. The designated beneficiary should contact Payroll Services for details regarding final payments and benefits. Payroll Services will contact the constituency office with instructions.