The Extended Health and Dental Care Plan is provided by Canada Life Assurance Company.  

Extended health care is designed to partially reimburse specified medical expenses or services not covered by the Medical Services Plan, PharmaCare, or the Hospital Insurance Plan, such as prescription drugs, paramedical services (e.g., physiotherapy) and vision care. Dental care is designed to cover basic dentistry or the services that are routinely available in the office of a general practicing dentist and are necessary to maintain or restore teeth. Some deductibles, restrictions, and maximums may apply.  

For more details, see the Benefits Guide located on the Constituency Office Portal. 


Coverage under this plan is optional and a Member may apply for coverage at any time. To enroll, Members must complete and return the Benefits Enrolment Form to Payroll Services for certification and processing. Coverage begins on the first day of the month after registering for the benefit plan. 

To apply for coverage, complete the Enrolment/Change/Termination for Extended Health Care and Dental Plan Form and submit it to Payroll Services for processing. 

Once coverage begins, a benefits card will be available for download online. 


The legal or common-law spouse who is living with the Member is eligible for coverage. By enrolling the common-law spouse in the benefits plans, the Member is declaring that person as their common-law spouse, and that they’ve been living in a common-law relationship or cohabitating for at least 12 months. The cohabitation period may be less than 12 months if the Member claimed their common-law spouse’s child or children for tax purposes. A separate form is not required. 

If the spouse is a B.C. Public Service employee or is enrolled in a benefits program with an employer outside of the B.C. Public Service, the Member and spouse can enroll in both benefits plans, listing the other as a dependent. The Member may be able to submit the extended health and dental receipts to both plans and receive up to 100% of their eligible expenses reimbursed. 

If the Member separates from the spouse, they are no longer eligible for coverage under their benefits plan. Any terms and conditions under separation and divorce agreements are the Member’s responsibility. The Member must wait 12 calendar months from the cancellation date of a previous common-law spouse to enroll a new common-law spouse or new dependents. The waiting period does not apply when the Member is going from legal spouse to a common-law spouse, legal spouse to legal spouse, or common-law spouse to a legal spouse. The Member is responsible for cancelling the spouse’s coverage when they are no longer eligible. 

Dependent Children 

Member’s’ children (natural, adopted, stepchildren or legal wards) are eligible for coverage if they are unmarried or not in a common-law relationship, mainly supported by the Member, dependents for income tax purposes, and any of the following circumstances apply: 

  • The child is under the age of 19. 
  • The child is under the age of 25 and in full-time attendance at a school, university or vocational institution which provides a recognized diploma, certificate or degree. 
  • The child is mentally or physically disabled and past the maximum ages stated above, provided the disability exists before reaching the maximum ages, that the disability has been continuous and that the child is covered as a dependent on the Member’s benefits when disabled dependent status was approved. The child, upon reaching the maximum age, must still be incapable of self-sustaining employment and must be completely dependent on the Member for support and maintenance. 
  • The child is residing with the former spouse who is not eligible for health and dental coverage. 

A grandchild is not an eligible dependent unless adopted by or a legal ward of the Member or the Member’s spouse. 

Dependent Children Over 19 

Unless the Member certifies that the child is in full-time attendance at a school, university or vocational institution which provides a recognized diploma, certificate or degree: 

  • Extended health and dental coverage for a dependent child will automatically end on the date the Member’s child turns 19. 

Before the Member’s child turns 19: 

  • The Member will receive a Confirmation of Dependent Eligibility form from Canada Life. 
  • The Member must submit the Confirmation of Dependent Eligibility form back to Canada Life as per instructions on the letter. 

In subsequent years, the Member must return the Canada Life form directly to Canada Life, including the child’s name and the school they are attending. The Member is responsible for cancelling coverage for dependent children who are no longer eligible for coverage. Coverage for a dependent child with full-time student status will automatically end at age 25 unless the child has disability status. 

Changing Coverage  

An employee Enrolment/Change/Termination Form is available by accessing the Constituency Office Portal – Pension and Benefits Forms. The form should be used to add or delete a dependent or a spouse, or to change a name, and be returned to Payroll Services. Members must also submit an employee Enrolment/Change/Termination Form to remove a former spouse or a dependent who no longer meets the definition of dependent. Members can access printable cards through the Canada Life website once logged in, for both themselves and spouse/dependents. 

Cancelling Coverage  

To cancel extended health and dental coverage, or that of a spouse or any dependents, Members need to submit an Extended Health Care & Dental Plan Form indicating the effective date of cancellation to Payroll Services. 

Terminating Coverage  

Coverage ends when a Member ends coverage by request, the day in which a Members term of office ends, or at the end of the month of a Members retirement. 


The Legislative Assembly will pay the full cost for this benefit for eligible Members, except during any leave without pay, or suspension in excess of one calendar month. This is a non-taxable benefit. 

Converting to a Private Policy on Termination  

Upon termination of extended health and dental coverage with Payroll Services, a Member may convert to a private policy with the Canada Life Assurance Company. The conversion process means that the general pre-existing conditions provision and the extended health and dental waiting periods will be waived. To convert coverage, a Member must apply and pay for coverage within 60 days of termination of extended health and dental coverage with Payroll Services. 

Please note that the benefits available and the cost of these benefits under a private policy are not the same as the benefits provided with the Legislative Assembly. 

Change of Address  

A change of address reported to Payroll Services will be forwarded to the Canada Life Assurance Company. 

Medical Services Plan 

The Medical Services Plan (MSP) of B.C. insures medically required services provided by physicians to all eligible British Columbians. The MSP is administered by Health Insurance B.C. (HIBC). All British Columbia residents must be covered under the MSP. Members must be enrolled in the MSP to be eligible for out-of-province/out-of-country emergency medical coverage under the extended health plan. Members also must be registered for PharmaCare to assist with prescription coverage, limiting the impact on the lifetime maximum. 

To request MSP account changes (e.g., address changes, adding or removing dependents, or re-certifying a child as a full-time student) and/or to submit documentation online, please visit the MSP website. 

More information on this process is available on the How to Apply page on MSP website. 

If you have any questions, please visit the MSP website or contact HIBC.