The Legislative Assembly Administration will be offering a series of orientation sessions for Members who will serve in the 42nd Parliament. The listing below is subject to change. Orientation sessions for Constituency Assistants will be scheduled in early 2021.

Calendar invitations with a detailed agenda will be sent from the MLA Orientation ( account, and the most up-to-date information on orientation sessions and confirmed dates will be listed on this page. Please note that all Members, caucus staff, and constituency office staff are welcome to attend the sessions.

Questions and requests for additional orientation materials and sessions may be directed to the MLA Orientation and Transition Team at

Orientation Session 1: Onboarding and Staffing

Join this session to learn about remuneration and benefits for Members; payroll information; the Employee Assistance Program; capital city living arrangements; Constituency Assistant recruitment, hiring, and onboarding; and human resources support available for Members.

Orientation Session 2: Constituency Office Lease and Set-Up

Join this session to learn about finding a constituency office and key considerations that should be taken into account; constituency office lease initiation and review; start-up funding; obtaining office furniture; the constituency office allowance; and COVID-19 safety measures recommended for constituency offices.

Orientation Session 3: Travel Provisions and Constituency Office Management

Join this session to learn about Members’ travel provisions; the Constituency Office Portal; the constituency office allowance and eligibility of expenditures; asset inventory; financial operations; public disclosure provisions; financial records management; and security.

Orientation Session 4: Information Technology and Information Management

Join this session to learn about information technology resources provided to Members and constituency office staff; key software applications; records and information management; and best practices for email management and security.

Orientation Session 5: Services for Members on the Legislative Precinct

Join this session to learn about Legislative Assembly governance and management; for a brief overview of the Legislative Assembly Administration’s departments and the supports that they provide to Members and their staff; and to learn about Precinct-based services.

Orientation Session 6: House Business and Procedure

Join this session to learn about the mechanics and elements of a sitting of the Legislative Assembly (the House) and for a procedural orientation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is anticipated that hybrid sitting simulations will also be held. This orientation session is the first in a series that will follow in the months ahead; additional procedural orientation sessions are also scheduled at the request of a caucus.

Orientation Session 7: Parliamentary Committees

Join this session to learn more about the role of parliamentary committees at the Legislative Assembly and the work that they undertake, and what to expect as a Member serving on a parliamentary committee.

Orientation Session 8: Statutory Offices

Join this session to learn more about British Columbia’s nine statutory officers (also referred to as independent officers), the mandates assigned to them by the Legislature, and how they work with Members. British Columbia’s statutory officers are the Auditor General; Chief Electoral Officer; Conflict of Interest Commissioner; Human Rights Commissioner; Information and Privacy Commissioner and Registrar of Lobbyists; Merit Commissioner; Ombudsperson; Police Complaint Commissioner; and Representative for Children and Youth.