All assets purchased entirely or partly with public funds for constituency office use are the property of the Legislative Assembly. Each constituency office will be required to complete an inventory list of all assets purchased, submit a copy to Financial Services within three months of setting up the constituency office, and retain the original in the constituency office. A template Constituency Office Asset List is available on the Constituency Office Portal (please note that the Portal is intranet-based and is only accessible from the Legislative Assembly network).

Departing Members are responsible for disposing of all items on their inventory lists (i.e., distribute to the new Member, private sale, donation, or auction), subject to the provisions outlined in the Transition section. A disposal form detailing assets disposed of, including items donated, and the amounts received, is to be forwarded to Financial Services along with the proceeds. Depreciation should be taken into account when estimating the current value of assets. Departing Members are encouraged, where reasonable, to make all assets available to the new Member.

Members, their families, and staff cannot purchase constituency office assets. All computer equipment is collected by the Information Technology Department for secure destruction.