First Steps

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New Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) receive help from caucus staff and colleagues who have experience in setting up an office or with the services available at the Legislative Assembly. As well, Assembly staff are happy to assist and have compiled a list of resources to make the transition to life as a Member as smooth as possible.

Members of the 41st Parliament

Members of the 41st Parliament, including official photographs and biographies, are listed on the Legislative Assembly website under Members. Individual Members can be searched by name, constituency, community, and postal code, by using Find My MLA.

Orientation sessions

Orientation sessions are typically held for new Members and all constituency office staff following a provincial general election. Dates are confirmed via email updates from the Clerk. Up-to-date information on all upcoming events is also posted on the homepage.

Oath ceremony

All Members are required to take and subscribe to the oath of allegiance prior to sitting or voting in the House. Further information on the oath ceremony is available online »

Initial travel expenses

Travel, accommodation, and meal expenses will be reimbursed for initial trips to attend caucus meetings and events at the Legislative Assembly. Please save and submit detailed receipts for reimbursement.

Constituency Office Portal

The Constituency Office (CO) Portal is an administrative supplement to and should be read in conjunction with the Members’ Guide to Policy and Resources. It contains additional guides, forms, announcements, and administrative resources related to constituency office operations. Please note that the Portal is intranet-based, and is only accessible from the Legislative Assembly network.

Assembly email accounts

New and returning Members are provided with Assembly email accounts. Caucus staff will notify Members when the accounts are set up.

Constituency office set-up

As a new Member, your first steps will be to find and lease office space, and to hire staff.

Lease: The Legislative Assembly has arranged the services of a leasing consultant to assist Members with lease review services.

Staffing: Each Member is responsible for hiring constituency office staff. Salary and benefits are paid from the constituency office allowance, and a formal employment contract or offer letter is required, a copy of which must be submitted to Payroll Services.

Please contact Financial Services for more information on constituency office set-up, and Payroll Services for more information on staffing.

Detailed information on first steps is available in Managing your Constituency Office, and administrative tools, templates, and forms are available on the Constituency Office (CO) Portal (Please note that the Portal is intranet-based, and is only accessible from the Legislative Assembly network).

Last Updated: September 30, 2019